Sunday, September 7, 2014

#31DC2014 - Day 7: Black & White Nails aka Adventure Time, Come on bring your...Gunter?

Hi lovelies! Heck, it is a stunning STUNNING day outside. Spring has definitely sprung with a little extra heat but that’s okay! Winter has apparently left the building! *crowd applauds*

Day 7: Black & White Nails

I’ll be honest, this prompt didn’t bring tons of inspiration to me because everything I wanted to do felt like I was copying someone else. One thing I definitely knew though was that I had to do an Adventure Time mani somewhere along the line of this challenge and what more perfect opportunity to bring in one of my favourite characters? I give you the I-love-breaking-bottles quirky cute Gunter the penguin.


I started by laying down 2 coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White on all my nails except for my pinky. On my pinky I layed down a coat of WOW Nail Polish #393. I then stamped some shattered glass over my pinky and index finger using Bundle Monster plate BM-208, Sinful Colors Snow Me White and WOW Nail Polish #393. On my ring finger I wrote in the sound that Gunter makes with a thin nail art brush (and a very steady hand!). Finally, on my middle finger I made Gunters body and face using a thin nail art brush and  WOW Nail Polish #393. For the beak I used Tip Top Nail Chic Sun Kissed.

Aaaaah, I am so chuffed with how this came out! I just want to paint little Gunter’s on everything! Sure, my stamping isn’t perfect but personally I think everything came very nicely together. And I finally did an Adventure Time mani! Happy warm fuzzy FEEEELS!

Wenk wenk...

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  1. Between yours and Michelle's, I cannot pick which I love more. You've done an excellent job :D