Hi and welcome to my little space on the internet!

My name is Thea and I'm a 20-something year old living in Gauteng, South Africa. I'm not too good with this whole “About Me” business so please don't mind if it seems like I'm rambling!

A few things...about me:

As you might have gathered, I have the slightest bit of an obsession with nail art and nail polish (who am I kidding! It borders on OCD!). Through high school and the few years after, I've always had a liking for wearing nail polish but it was just darker colours. Deep reds, plums, purples and black...major exciting stuff! Around May 2012 I stumbled upon this Dexter mani on 9GAG (now I know it was done by the awesome The Daily Nail) and I just had to know how she was able to achieve a splatter effect on her nails! After searching “blood splatter nail art” on google, I found the Nail Nerd's blog and just fell in love...with nail art that is. I had to know more! I spent almost every free minute I had looking at nail art blogs, finding out about brands that I never knew existed and about indie polishes, absorbing all the colours, textures, effects and IT.WAS.AWESOME! The coming weekend I went and bought myself a few paint brushes, a dotting tool, a base coat, a cuticle oil and my very first “out of my comfort zone” colour. I also knew that I wanted to start a blog. My own blog where I can share my love for the art and hopefully also inspire someone someday to push themselves out of their own comfort zone!

Besides nail art I also have a few other loves. Inside I am a huge geek girl and quite proud of it! Anime, comics, videogames, scifi, steampunk, books, fantasy...I can get lost in it for days! Now that you know this, my blogs name might also make a bit more sense.

My plans for the future is to travel the world, have David Tennant's babies and take over the universe! BOOM!

Welcome to MADNESS!


  1. I have nominated you for a Liebster Award! http://druidnails.blogspot.nl/2013/09/liebster-award-yay.html

    1. Thank you sweety! I really appreciate it immensely!