Friday, February 5, 2016

Spazzy Stripes!

Hi there you sexy beasts! Raaaaawr! Why the rawr? Because it’s Friday! Do a sexy rawr to the person sitting next to you!!!...What’s that? The person next to you is a creep? Ok fine! Do a sexy agonising painful scream in their direction. Did they run away in terror?? YOU’RE WELCOOOOME! Also, can we take a minute and stare at my sexy new blog banner?? My Viking man has mad skills right?! I’ll do a sexy rawr to him any day. PS...If anyone is interested in using his mad design talents, give me a shout. He does this type of thing to make a bit of pocket money so the more design work, the more Burger King and polish he can buy me! #WINNING

So since it’s Friday and we’re all in a lazy easy mood, I decided to keep today’s nail art easy. No big explanations, no big hoorah of what inspired me and no diddly nonsense because let’s be honest, you’ve heard enough of that from me today.

I started by laying down 2 thick coats of China Glaze I’m With The Lifeguard as my base colour. When this was dry, I double stamped over the green using Bundle Monster plate BM-316, Sinful Colors Snow Me White and WOW Nail Polish #393

See? So easy it almost feels like cheating. Buuut besides my camera hating neons and making my skin tone look different in every picture, I liked how this came out. Simple but kinda funky!

Lots of crazy MAD love...

Thursday, February 4, 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR...A month late!

Hi lovelies! Heck, it’s February already! FEBRUARY AND IT'S ONLY MY FIRST POST FOR THE YEAR! For shame Thea! For shame...To be honest I have been mentally exhausted from about September last year. 2015 was not one of my greatest years. Beside marrying my best friend/my viking man and moving into our own place, it was a year I do not want over. But that being said, it was also the year I met 3 of my favourite people IRL! Shout out to my crazy loves, Michelle from Ordinary Misfit, Briget from Because I Can and Megan from Mama Zombie Mumbles. Hoping with my next holiday I can see them again. Ok, parts of 2015 sucked HARD! But the good moments were great!

So, on to 2016. I’m not one for resolutions because I know myself and when I make resolutions it’s like the universe is screaming at me “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED” and I end up failing. BUT I do have a few things blog wise that I want to do. I want to start posting more regularly, get more active with the blogs, social media and also challenge myself. I want to try new things or do things I consider gradient nails! :P I’ll also be launching posts that will fall on certain days that will push me to commit more and actually help me with new blog material. The one I am most excited about is Fangirl Fridays! Buuuut I can’t tell you too much about that right now because that would just give the fun away!

So...hopefully this year I can grow as a blogger and rise above my own expectations as a person. Sure I’m not a “New Year, New Me!” type of person but I can still be at the end of 2016 and say “HECK YEAH, WE RULED!”.

Lots of crazy mad love...