Wish List

Just a little list of most of my lemmings and dark desires:

Nail -Venturous Floam (probably my biggest lemming! EVER!) 

Tip Top Nail Chic - Funfair Madness

OPI – Couture de Minnie Collection
         Bond Girl Liquid Sands Collection
         Vintage Minnie Collection

Deborah Lippman – Bad Romance Lemming killed with Revlon - Facets of Fuchsia
                             Glitter in the air
                             Across the universe

China Glaze – OMG
                      Doll House / Material Girl
                      Dorothy Who?
                      Snow Globe
                      Gothic Lolita (That name!)
                      It's a Trap-eze
*Note: In actuality my China Glaze List is a lot longer than this, I'm just not going to bore you with all of them

Ninja Polish – Mystic Glacier
                     Cupid Floam
                     Humblebee Floam

LynBDesigns - Time and Relative Dimension in Space (Tardis)
                      Sonic Screwdriver
                      Weeping Angels

Revlon – Heavenly

Color Club – Gift of sparkle

Max Factor – Fantasy Fire

Nars – Zulu

NFU Oh – 51

Nubar – Black Polka Dot
            White Polka Dot


  1. test... never heard of that polish hey

    1. I swear, I am going to franken my own polish one day and call it Test! Then you and M can swatch and review it for me! Lol

  2. Hmmm funny. Neither have I! Is it a good brand? Should I invest? :P

    1. You should definitely invest! It is going to change your life! Lol

  3. LOL!!!!!!! Do it!!! DO IT!!!! I want to test - and invest - in your famous TEST polish. DO IT!!!!