Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Out the vault: Skulls and Roses V.2

Hi lovelies! Frak me, it is hot as Hades here at the moment but you know what?? I’m not going to complain! This summer can keep its sweet hot butt around for as long as possible. When I’m on honeymoon I want plenty of sun and sea! So no, I will embrace this sweaty goodness I am living in at the moment and day dream of ice cold pin-coladas...Hmmmm...okay, it’s not working. I need an air conditioner!

Today I’m showing off some nails that have been floating around in my vault for a while now but since my nail break on my “pretty” hand (pretty dumb if you ask me) is growing at the slowest pace EVER, I have no choice but to resort to some of my older works.

I started out by laying down a good coat of WOW Nail Polish #393 as my base. With my thin nail art brush and Sinful Colors Snow Me White I then made the shape of a skull on my ring finger and filled in the details with WOW Nail Polish #393, a dotting tool and again my thin nail art brush. The roses and leafs on all my fingers I did using Tip Top Nail Addict Secret Road, Tip Top Nail Chic Red Rendezvous, Sinful Colors Pistache and China Glaze Starboard.

I really hope you guys like this look. I really am drawn to it but I might be biased because SKULLS! Hopefully my lil nail will be grown a bit better soon and I can show some fresh material. I am DYING to do some proper nail art again.

Lots of mad love...