Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Watercolor Mani

Hi lovelies! I really hope I can get through typing this post today because DAAAAMN, my fingers are going to break off from frostbite! Apparently my brain has frozen too because I’ve been struggling for 10 minutes already just to write the intro to this post. See, I believe in the power of laughter so if I can get a smile out of just one person with my intro it already makes me feel better and I need all the “feel better” I can get right now! I don’t do winter and winter doesn’t do me! I’m OVER IT! I need my summer! I need my warmth! I need my healthy cuticles! I NEED MY SANITY! AAAAAAAAAGH! ...Okay, glad I got that out of my system! Let’s just all pretend we didn’t see that and move on!


Today’s mani is a watercolor mani. This is a technique I don’t do too often because I always tend to overwork the colors, which then just makes it look messy but when I tried it with this mani I was kind of happy. The effect still isn’t perfect but I liked the different colors that I used together so I decided I will post the results.

I started by laying down 2 coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White. I then placed a few small drops of China Glaze Spontaneous, Essence Vintage District Antique Pink and Sinful Colors Snow Me White (one at a time) on a small metal plate and added a bit of pure acetone to the drops, thinning them down to a watery consistency and covered random areas of the nail with the acetone and nail polish mixture and a thick nail art brush.

Like I said earlier, it didn’t come out perfect but I’ve already picked up a few things I will do differently the next time I try this technique. For example, I would thin my drops out a bit more and spread out the blobs over more area so the colors can mix a little better. With enough practice, I might just nail this look one day! *holds thumbs* 

Lots of mad love...

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


HI GUUUUUUYS! *crazy two hand wave* Oh my word, I missed everybody and blogging so much! Sorry for my absence the past 2 weeks but I wasn’t feeling 100% myself and I don’t want to blog when I feel I can’t put my all into it. So I allowed myself to have a bit of a break and just smell the roses AKA play Xbox and watch Doctor Who and Supernatural! But now I’m back, I have some good material lined up and I have some great ideas for the future! To the future and new inspiration! *Ting of champagne glasses* 

I am pretty obsessed lately with shapes, patterns and neon so after a bit of scouting on Google I had an idea for a neon mani. Did the mani come out like I had in mind? Pshhh, no! Did I like it though? Well yes, yes I did! And it is such a simple mani! (like most of the stuff I do!) 

I started out by laying down 2 coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White. Using a large sized dotting tool, I made randomly placed dots using Tip Top Nail Chic Solar Flare, Tip Top Nail Chic Sun Kissed, Tip Top Nail Chic Sexy Bikini, Tip Top Nail Chic Jazz Berryblue, Sinful Colors Amethyst and China Glaze I’m With The Lifeguard.  Then using the same colors as mentioned above,  Sinful Colors Snow Me White  and various sized dotting tools, I placed dots inside my dots (DOTCEPTION!). Then I finished it all off with 2 coats of Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat because from the sides, it looked like my nails had the most colourful rash ever! UNICORN RASH!!! 

Like I said earlier, I really liked this mani. Of course my camera hates anything neon-ish so it didn’t capture the brightness accurately but I decided to post it anyway. No point in wasting anything I can link back to unicorns, even if it’s a rash, right?!

Lots of mad love...