Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wolverine Inspired Mani, bub!

Hi there lovelies! This post was suppose to be up on Friday but our power went out at work and I couldn't put the last few final touches onto the post and yesterday I was just plain lazy! So here we are, on this beautiful Sunday! And might I add, beautiful is an understatement! It was a killer day here in Pretoria! The sun was shining nicely and it is quite warm! Like my fiancée says, Bike weather!

Now, onto something that I find insanely mind-blowingly AWESOME! I'm a bit of a geek and I am damn proud of it! As a kid I got teased about it, as I got older I heard “When are you going to grow up?” or “Grow out of it!” but now as an adult (mostly only by age) I embrace it! I've come to love that part of myself and I never want to “Grow out of it!”.

Naturally when I heard the new Wolverine movie was premièring on Friday, my mind spazzed out! I had to do a mani to celebrate this occasion! And c'moooon! As much as I adore all the X-men characters...Wolverine gives me so many warm feels! (No! This is not a grammar mistake! Now go study your memes!) His awesome mutant abilities, his attitude and just his all round bad-assery! It's freaking fantastic! When coming up with ideas for a mani though, I realised it was not going to be easy to capture that modern clean edge that most Marvel inspired movies portray in their characters nowadays so I decided I was going to do a mani with more of an old school Wolverine feeling to it. Yellow, black and blue spandex FTW!

Nail Polishes used:
  • WOW Nail Polish #393
  • WOW Nail Art Pen #2
  • Sinful Colors Snow Me White
  • Nubar Silver Mist
  • China Glaze Man Hunt
  • OPI A Oui Bit of Red
  • Tip Top Nail Chic Sun Kissed

Tools Used:
  • Small thin nail art brush
  • Striping tape

I kept everything quite simple and easy. I started off by laying down 2 coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White as a base to work on. Then I layed down a thick coat of Tip Top Nail Chic Sun Kissed on all the nails over the white except for the ring finger. The white really helped to make the yellow beautifully bright. When this was dry, I freehanded on the black triangles on my pinkie, middle and index finger using the WOW Nail Art Pen #2 striping polish and filled it in with the WOW Nail Polish #393 and the thin nail art brush.

On my ring finger I layed down some striping tape close to the tip of the nail and filled it in with China Glaze Man Hunt for Wolverines smexy tight spandex undies. Then I layed down some more striping tape closer to the cuticle and filled the space in between the blue and the tape with OPI A Oui Bit of Red for his belt. The last bit of white I filled in with Tip Top Nail Chic Sun Kissed using the small thin nail art brush.

Lastly on my thumb I freehanded Wolverines claws in with the small thin nail art brush and filled it in with the same brush and Nubar Silver Mist.

This mani isn't flawless but I really enjoyed doing it and liked how it looked! I can't wait to try the black and yellow combo together again. And now I'm even more excited to go see the movie! Heee, holding thumbs for next week!

If you would like me to swatch any of the colours you saw in today’s post, please let me know via email or drop me a comment below. More than willing to oblige!

Lots of mad love


  1. Not to mention Hugh Jackman usually plays Wolverine *swoon*

    1. Hmmmmmmm....Hugh Jackman...hmmmmm...sorry, I got lost for a second! He's just a lil bit of extra cherry on the choc-nut sundae that is Wolverine! Hmmmm...

  2. Squeak!!! This is amazing!!!!!
    Wow T I really love this! Had a mini heart attack when I saw wolverine nails and you didn't disappoint. Love!!!!
    I am such a wolverine fan. Hugh Jackman doesn't hurt either ;)

    1. Hahahaha thank you M! I am really glad it didn't disappoint! I majorly love me some X-men! And Hugh Jackamn...with the bit of chest hair...and the nice pecks...and hard abs...I love being a geek girl! Lol

  3. Ahhhh MUCH better!! Thanks T!!! xxx

  4. that is the coolest friggin mani of EVER!!

    1. Hahaha Thank you so much! I loved wearing it! And now want another excuse to wear a geeky mani again...Hmm, I heard Thor 2 is being released this year! Heeee!