Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My very first blog post! very first post! Hell, if only you know how much this post is making me sweat! Awesome!

Anyhoo...for my first post I've decided not to post any nail art yet but instead give you a bit of an introduction to Madness! A walk through her dark depths and creepy crevasses! A look into the belly of the beast, so to say! Let's start of by saying Hi. HI!

My name is Thea and I'm a South African girl completely obsessed with nail polish and nail art. It went from just being a hobby to being a relaxation method and a way to express my creativity! I'm not an expert in the field so bare with me if I flood my cuticles, misspell terms and not make straight lines. Besides, imperfection is what makes this world so beautiful. Or otherwise known as “THAT'S MY STORY AND I AM FREAKING STICKING TO IT!”

Things you wont read about or see on Madness:
This section wont be too long because I am random as hell and will write about chicken poop if I feel like it!
  • #YOLO
  • #Swag

Things you will see and read about on Madness:

  • My intense love for all things geeky and wonderful
  • My unhealthy liking of memes
  • Hipster jokes (Here's looking at you Taylor Swift!)
  • Music! It soothes the soul man!
  • Absolute random crap
  • Rants about the fact that I'm not married to David Tennant...yet!
  • Rants about the fact that I can't be an anime character...yet?! (I just have to find those damn Dragonballs!)
  • Llamas!
  • Kitties!
  • Unicorns!
  • Oh, and the most important thing...Nail art and swatches! Because that is what you're actually here for right?

So, please join me in my little world of sparkly glitters, shiny topcoats and buttery cremes!

Welcome to Madness!

PS...In case you were wondering, this is the inspiration behind my blogs name...  

Lots of mad love...


  1. Yay!!!!!!

    I am so damn excited to see a post from you!! I love it!

    ( Something I don't love is that I can't comment linking back to my blog. But for you, whatevs! :P)

    1. Yay! Finally a post so that's cool! Lol

      I'll try my best to sort out the problem with the linking back to your blog. Don't know what's up with that!

  2. Replies
    1. UNICORNS!...Who can serenade BeeGees! WIN!

  3. Love your signature