Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Born Pretty Store Holo Polish #8 Swatch

Hello there lovelies!

I've had this mani in my folder for about 3 weeks now but for some reason I've been putting off writing a post for it. Then other times I get lazy and don't want to and on top of that, I am a HUGE procrastinator! You know what they say: “Procrastinators Unite...tomorrow!”. I think the big reason is that it is my first swatching post! Swatching can be daunting yo! Am I describing the colors correctly, are the colors properly shown in my photos, is the lighting not too bright? IT'S TOO MUCH! AAAAAAGH! First world nail polish problems people!


A little while ago, Born Pretty Store ran a giveaway on Twitter to snag up 1 of 200 of their new Holographic Polishes and I was lucky enough to win 1 (WHOOOO!). I chose #8 because it looked like a bright tealish color on their website and man, am I a sucker for blue green nail polishes! A few days later though I felt like kicking myself because I already had a bright teal holo polish. Much to my surprise when I finally received my package that it wasn't a teal holo but more like something that looked like the waters that unicorn mermaids swim in! ...Yes, unicorn mermaids. Because we all know everything is better with unicorns!

Born Pretty Holo Polish #8 is a beautiful bright blue linear holographic polish. It's probably best described as an aqua polish. The first coat was quite sheer which made me a little bit nervous but after another 2 thin coats, it was perfectly opaque. It also dries quite fast so a third coat did not bother me at all!

The swatch photos were all taken without a topcoat and as you can see, it has a really nice shine to it! Also, the holo in my photos do not do this polish any justice! It is very strong and even in low light you can see its beauty shine through.

I wasn't able to leave the polish just like that so I freehanded on what is suppose to be some sort of lace design with WOW Cosmetics “Nail art pen” #2 (it's actually just black polish with a striping brush) and a small thin nail art brush. In hindsight white would've looked a lot better over this color, done with a thinner brush. But now I just have an excuse to try it again!

Overall, this is a really great holographic polish! High shine, fast dry and very strong holo! The only complaint I have is the bottle size of 6ml. It is quite small considering it costs $12,88 (USD). It is currently on special though at Born Pretty Store for $5.59 (USD) so for that price I would say definitely get it! GET THEM ALL!

Lots of mad love


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    1. Looking at this again, it actually doesn't look like a polish because the holo is so strong. Looks like a nail wrap almost

  2. Dangit! I love this so much. I hate that between you and V I keep doubting my order. Balls this is pretty!!!

    Love the little lace design you did too!!!

    1. Hahahaha then safe up and get them all M! You can never have too much holo-goodness in your life! I badly want to get the grey one V posted! It's a stunner!
      Thank you! It was a first but you learn by trail and error!

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