Wednesday, July 31, 2013

OPI Jade Is The New Black Swatch

Hi there lovelies! How are you? Sorry I have been a bit absent from my twitter feed and life in general. Doing month-end at work at the moment so I am exhausted come evening. Most of it is spent on the couch either watching TV or swearing at some new enemy I am struggling to defeat in Alice: Madness Returns (awwe, what a nice name!). Well, not really swearing but more like these funny floppy arm movements I do paired with zombie sounds. Yes, I am that tired!

Now for the reason why you are actually here...

In the beginning of July I was lucky enough to be able to make it to Twincare International's "Christmas in July" sale in Johannesburg. As most frustrated nail polish lovers in South Africa know, brands like OPI are very hard to find and when you do find them, they are freaking expensive! OPI goes for around R130.00 (approx. $13) in salons and by pure principal, I won't ever buy a nail polish if it's that expensive. But at the Twincare sale I was able to pick up a few of these beauties and some great mini packs for R50.00 each (approx. $5). WIN!

Today I'm swatching one of those beauties. I am a huge fan of greens and blues so naturally when I saw OPI Jade Is The New Black at the sale, my heart skipped a beat or twenty!

OPI Jade Is The New Black was part of OPI's 2010 Hong Kong Collection and as far as I know, it was added to their core collection. It is a beautiful soft green which I wouldn't describe as dull or dusty, but more as muted but fresh (if that makes any sense).

It was opaque in two easy coats. All the swatch photos were taken without a topcoat so, as you can see, it dries with quite a good shine. I adore this color! It is truly a unique green that I can see myself having tons of fun with in the future! And greeeeeen! *swoon* So pretty!

Of course I couldn't leave this beautiful color alone so I put down two pieces of striping tape over all my nails and layed down a coat of Catrice Hugo Moss between the spaces, pulling off the tape immediately. Then I went in with a small dotting tool and made polka dots on the one side of the line with Tip Top Nail Addict Envy. Lil side note: I can not wait to swatch Tip Top Nail Addict Envy for you! This polish is gorgeous!

OPI Jade Is The New Black is one of those polishes you need to get if you love unique colors. Good shine, decent drying time and great opacity! I am so happy I picked up this color and would recommend it to anyone if they are able to get their hands on it!

Lots of mad love


  1. WOW!!!! How gorgeous is that!!!! Love the name too.
    (little side note: When we were trying to adopt in 2010 we were going to name our little girl Jade :P)

    Dude!!!! You got some nail addict!!! yay!!! I am dying to see the swatch of Envy!! I so badly want to pick it up but would love to see the swatch!

    Go you!!

    1. Awwe, it is a beautiful name for a little girl!

      Haaa, yes, in my package I won from TT for the nail art competition. I have about 5 but I still want to buy some! Love from above, Wild Thing, Dangerous Robot (because the name is awesome!). Need them all and more! Lol Hmmm, think I will swatch Envy next. It's insanely pretty!

  2. I was so curious about this colour ( but forgot to google for swatches) the colour was mentioned in a book I read by jennifer lancaster! I have envy and I love it! It was my first tip top polish! Love your end product mani! A look that I would be able to wear at work ( my nails can attract quite a bit of attention).

    1. Oh wow, that is awesome! But I am really happy I could kill that curiosity for you! :D
      Thank you though Chantal! It is quite hard with the love of nail art that a lot of people have nowadays to keep things "work friendly". I am very lucky to have such a nice boss!

      Oh, and yip! Super excited to swatch Envy! :D

  3. It reminds me of dewy grass. It's an AWESOME Colour and I don't know if I like it alone more or with the nail art! CONFLICTED!

    1. That is probably the most perfect description for it V! Dewy grass...definitely adding that to my future swatch posts word list! :D
      But I agree with you. When I was done with the nail art, I felt kind of bad! Like I didn't give her enough time to shine on her own. Oh well, just another excuse when I wear it again! Lol