Friday, July 19, 2013

Pink and Black Skittle Mani

Hi there lovelies! Yay for Friday hey!

Most nail polish and nail art blogs are featuring beautiful mint mani's today in remembrance of Talia Joy. I'm really hoping I can join in this great effort to bring honor to someone who was already at such a young age an inspiration to so many people! Fingers crossed!

Onto today's post...

Skittle mani's. They look and are so easy to do! They are fun, adventurous and quite cute looking! The perfect excuse for any nail artist who wants to try a whole bunch of different designs but doesn't have the patience time to do all of them separately! I adore them...except on me! For some reason they never look right when I do them! It's like I never really choose the right type of patterns to go together. It's weird. But in the spirit of learning and growing together, I have decided to post my attempt that I tried a few weeks ago anyway.

Nail Polishes Used:
  • China Glaze Make and Entrance
  • China Glaze White on White
  • WOW Nail Polish 393

Tools Used:
  • Dotting tool
  • Wide fan brush

  • Bundle Monster plate BM222
  • Rhinestones
  • Loose small hex glitters

On my index finger, pinky and thumb I layed down a basecoat of WOW 393. On the thumb I made random polka dots with the dotting tool using China Glaze Make an Entrance. On my index layed down a thin layer of top coat and put on a few rows of small hex glitters in silver. And on my pinky I used this tutorial from my friend V's blog (For The Love of Nail Art) and made a few swipes with China Glaze White on White and then a few swipes with China Glaze Make an Entrance over the white.

For my middle and ring finger I layed down a basecoat of China Glaze Make an Entrance
Then my middle finger I stamped on the butterfly design (tramp stamp on my finger yo!) using Bundle Monster plate BM222, layed down a thin coat layer of top coat and placed small black hex glitters around the butterfly. On my ring finger I kept it “simple” and stuck on 2 black rhinestones. I topped everything off with a coat of Seche Vite. Besides it being an awesome top coat, it also helps keep the rhinestones in place!

Overall it's not a bad skittle mani! I just didn't...”feel it”, if that makes sense. But hey, that only means I get to work on this type of nail art some more till I'm eventually happy with it! And that's a WIN in my books! ...Also, and purely by coincidence, my friend M from Ordinary Misfit also did an pink and black skittle mani this week on her blog! Go lookie!

If you would like me to swatch any of the colours you saw in today’s post, please let me know via email or drop me a comment below. More than willing to oblige!

Lots of mad love


  1. Hehehe what a treat, we both have the pink and black!

    I SO get you though. I never feel like I get them right. Like the combination is just off.
    YOU on the other hand did an AMAZING job! I love it!!!!
    I can't wait to see more stamping from you. Super jealous of all your amazeballs plates.
    I love love love love love this (and no not just because it has pink :P)
    Good job T! I love it!
    (can you tell?)

    1. Lol I promise it wasn't n purpose!

      Hahaha thanx M! Ugh, stamping scares me! I've got cuticles that push up high so it tends to make this stupid gap when I try to stamp. Want to buy the double stamper from BPS and see if it works better!

      But thanx again! Heee

  2. I'm sorry but the pinky is clearly the stunner of the 5 ;) hehe
    No I think this whole shabang works well - colours and designs. I mean ok because it's pink in it, it's a bit more sexy but you still did a good job :D

    1. Damn straight the pinky is the stunner! I have good mentors! *bows head*

      Thank you V! hahaha ya, I thought pink would be smexy to you! Think I'm going to do a teal one next time though! :P