Monday, July 15, 2013

Autumn Colors Nail Art

Hello there lovelies! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty damn awesome! Went to the zoo with friends on Sunday and it was spectacular! Saw some seals, lions, okapi's, tigers (swooooon!), a leopard (double swoooon!), a red panda (triple quadruple MIND EXPLODING SWOOOOON!) and tons of other awesome animals! Unfortunately I couldn't get a decent photo of the red panda because she kept pacing on her log in her enclosure and my camera's motion capture function SUCKS! So I googled a bit this morning and found this picture...

1, 2, 3...AWWWWEE Source

You're welcome!

Anyhoo, I digress! Nail art!

With it being winter here in South Africa, everybody tends to lean to their vampy colors and blues but for today’s post I used a few autumn colors. Also, I did it in the beginning of winter so technically it was autumn-ish! Hell, it's not like I stick to seasonal colors anyway.

Nail Polishes used:
  • Essence Wanna Say Hello
  • Tip Top Nail Chic Sun Kissed
  • Tip Top Nail Chic Lemon Fuel
  • Tip Top Nail Chic Solar Flare
  • Tip Top Go for Gold! Duo polish

Tools Used:
  • None

To start off this mani, I layed down 2 coats of Tip Top Solar Flare over my basecoat. Once this was dry, I went in with Essence Wanna Say Hello with barely any polish left on the actual polish bottle's brush and added random swipes of the color. After that I just basically winged it with the rest of the colours, placing them randomly over the nail making sure they cross over each other here and there but still leaving a few spaces open. On some of the open spaces I made a swipe with the Tip Top Solar Flare just to make the orange really pop through.

A little side note: Tip Top Sun Kissed isn't very opaque, so I first swiped on some Tip Top Lemon Fuel and then the Tip Top Sun Kissed over that. This gave it that bit of foundation it needed and the other colors can still show through.

Out of all my fingers, my thumb was my favorite  I think it's because there's a bit more strokes of all the colors in it compared to my other fingers and by the time I got to him, I've had a bit of practice! ...and yes, I refer to my thumb as a him. He's built like a dude! Staunch and well set!

Even though these aren't colors I would typically wear (Gold! Grrrrr!), I really enjoyed wearing this mani and got quite a few comments/compliments on it. It's ridiculous and in your face! Awesome!

Do you have any colors that you don't like to wear? Try wearing it sometime! I was never a fan of orange but man, now I adore Tip Top Solar Flare.

If you would like me to swatch any of the colours you saw in today’s post, please let me know via email or drop me a comment below. More than willing to oblige!

Lots of mad love!   


  1. I absolutely LOVE this. This is something I would never have thought of and it looks amazing! I especially love the colours you put together. Once again, you've inspired me!
    Yay for having a great time at the zoo! How adorable is that little red panda??? Lucky fish!

    1. Thank you so much M! I definitely can't wait to do this again with colors I actually like! Lol glad I can inspire you now and then! :D
      Dude, the red panda was so cute! Wish she/he just would've stood still for a sec!