Thursday, September 3, 2015

#31DC2015: Yellow aka I Just Came To Say...Yellow??

Did you sing my title?? Come ooooon! It's epic!...okay, I suck. I know. But just go with it okay? Let me not jabber on about WEAK ASS titles though and rather jump straight into the stuff you are actually here to see!

#31DC2015: Yellow

I haven't done a skittlette in AGES so when the inspiration hit me for this many, I was kind of over the moon! And epic thing is the inspiration literally just hit me out of the blue...or yellow?? Suck it Google! I didn't need you this time!

I started out by laying down 2 coats of Tip Top Nail Chic Sun Kissed over all my nails. On my ring finger I added a coat of Seche Vite Top Coat and added a bunch of different black rhinestones and studs which I painted black using WOW Nail Polish #393. On my middle finger I put on some sellotape to make the triangular shape, added a thick coat of Sinful Colors Snow Me White over the gap and pulled the tape off immediately. Then I laid down a few mini chevron vinyls by NailVinyls over the white and filled in the spaces with WOW Nail Polish #393. Lastly I just laid down a coat of L.A. Girl Spotted over the yellow on my pinky and index finger.

Again, super simple but I actually seriously dig this mani! I have a thing for black and yellow and badly want to make my lounge yellow, white and black but the husband wont bite. I'll get him there one day though! Tee hee hee!

Lots of mad love...

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  1. This looks really cool! I love what you did with the studs!