Wednesday, September 2, 2015

#31DC2015: Orange aka Orange you glad I'm posting again??

Ok yes! My title is SUPER LAME but whatever mkay? Bad jokes and horrible puns are kind of my thing! AND DAMMIT, I SHALL EMBRACE IT!

Anyhoo, on to le good stuff...

#31DC2015: Orange

So I might have been dying to try Ikat nails for quite some time now but when it comes to actually doing my nails, I completely forget about it! So what better time than the #31DC2015 right? I'm not going to describe in detail how I did it but if you want to do Ikat nails you can follow this very easy tutorial by Kayla Shevonne.

For my base I used China Glaze Recycle. For my Ikat pattern I used OPI In My Back Pocket (light orange), Tip Top Nail Chic Solar Flare (darker orange) and my trusty WOW Nail Polish #393 for the black parts.

Easy peasy lemon squeezey! Oh and yay for killing an untried that's been sitting in my polish drawer for over a year! I will definitely be using you again, OPI In My Back Pocket!

Lots of made love...

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