Friday, September 22, 2017

#31DC2015 Day 6 - Day 10 aka SO DAMN BEHIND!

What’s up beautiful people! So the #31DC2017…I am so far behind I make it look like it’s currently in fashion! Buuuut, between getting sick and being dataless, I think I can be excused! EXCUSE ME, DAMMIT! So now we play the catch up game, which means this post is going to be PIC HEAVY!

I will be posting 5 days posts today, the next 5 posts either tomorrow, Sunday or Monday and then we’ll see where it goes from there. I do want to try and be finished before month end though because I want to start posting weekly again without being tied to a prompt The descriptions in these collective posts will also be shortened so I’ll only be stating the techniques and the polishes/stamping plates used.

So in the words of Corinne from Threadbanger


Techniques: Dry Marbled decals

Polishes Used: China Glaze Spontaneous, China Glaze Grape Pop, Nubar Pasadena Purple


Techniques: Gradient, Stamping

Polishes Used: Color Club French Tip, WOW Nail Polish #393

Stamping Plates Used: Moyou Gothic Collection 05


Techniques: Free hand, Dotting

Polished Used: Nubar Silver Mist, Tip Top Gold Digger, Essence “I LOVE TRENDS” Nude Sweet Nude


Techniques: Watercolour

Polished Used: Color Club French Tip, Color Club Almost Famous, Sinful Colors Fly Away, Sinful Colors Pur Rouge, China Glaze Grape Pop, China Glaze Starboard, OPI In My Back Pocket


Techniques: Gradient, Stamping

Polishes Used: Sinful Colors Endless Blue, Zoya Song, OPI In My Back Pocket, OPI On The Same Paige, Sinful Colors Snow Me White (Base underneath gradient)

Stamping Plates Used: Born Pretty Store BPL-027

So there you have all the prompts done till DAY 10. I hope I can be caught up by the end of next week because I am going on a short holiday with my family and then it’s back to “KNUCKLE DOWN, BUCKLE DOWN, DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!” (My husband reads my posts so he now has that song stuck in his head! You’re welcome, babe!)

Lots of mad love…

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  1. I love the stamp you used for black and white. Also I need to know how you did the "screws" and the rainbow thingy.