Tuesday, September 5, 2017

#31DC2017: 5. Blue

So I’ve been sitting here for quite a while now, thinking on how to start this post because let’s be honest, my life isn’t always that exciting! Do I talk about the weather? Do I ask you how your day went? Do I think of some funny story about fandoms I love? Out of all the endless options, I was pretty stumped. But then it hit me!…Just write am intro about how you have nothing to write an intro about! BOOM! I am a genius! I just stole 30 seconds of your life and I don’t even feel guilty! THE POWER OF THE INTERNET! MHUUUHAHAHAHAHAHA

So anyway…on to today’s prompt of the #31DC2017 we go!

5. Blue

Today’s mani was supposed to be inspired by something, but man, it just did not work like I wanted it too! So I am not going to say what it was inspired by because I am going to try and use it later on in the challenge again! AHA! 2 flies, one smack and whatnot…

I started by laying down 2 coats of Sally Hansen Pacific Blue (the OG one) as my base. I then blended a bit of Sally Hansen Pacific Blue & China Glaze Man Hunt with a fan brush and then after taking off the excess, just lightly brushed it over the base. Next, I added a tiny bit of acetone to a blob of China Glaze First Mate and just made some light strokes randomly over everything. Lastly using a super small headed dotting tool & Sinful Colors Snow Me White, I added some specks.

Like I said, there was actual inspiration behind this mani but it didn’t do the inspiration justice and the effect is really important to me! I’m HOPEFULLY going to try it again later on in this challenge, so keep an eye out for that.

Lots of mad love…

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  1. Blue will alway be my favourite colour and with white - looking great!