Saturday, August 1, 2015

#NailAnarchy - Christmas In July *PIC HEAVY!*

Hi the lovelies! Hmmm...can you smell that?? I hope it’s the smell of your morning breath still in bed because it is Saturday and you deserve to sleep in dammit! Anyhoo, no long intro’s today because I have an epic post up today!

So...In January a bunch of girls from the Nail Anarchy group decided this whole Christmas only happening once a year thing just sucks. So we took Christmas into our own hands, decided to play Secret Santa with each other and BOOM! Christmas in July!

I pulled my favourite bok, Ordinary Misfit and was ecstatic because c'moooon! ORDINARY MISFIT! was short lived. Michelle, I love you but damn girl, you are hard to shop for and try and be original! Do you know that you already own like half the worlds polishes??? But with some snooping and her Elfster wishlist I pulled it off! YAY ME! Feel free to go check out her Secret Santa post HERE.

Now my Secret Santa turned out to be acidicice and maaaan, did she do gooooooood! I mean like REAL GOOD! *happy squeals* High 5’s all around for Heather! *throws confetti* So, shall I show you??

Such bleachy neon goodness!



Dat splatter pattern though!


In my box was the following beauties:
-  Body Scrub (sorry, forgot to take a photo and can’t remember the name. It’s in my shower! LOL)
-  Tip Top Nail Chic Lime Time
-  Tip Top Nail Chic Peach Soda
-  Tip Top Nail Chic Strawberry Pop
-  Tip Top Nail Chic Milkyway
-  Tip Top Nail Chic Diva Glam
-  Tip Top Nail Chic Sparkle Queen
-  LA Girl Sputter
-  Griffynstor Temporary Tardis tattoos & nail tattoos
-  Stamping Plate (From Born Pretty Store)
-  Iridescent rhinestones (From Born Pretty Store)
-  Squishy double sided stamper & scrapers (from Born Pretty Store)
-  CANDY!!!! (Sorry again! Basically inhaled when I opened my package)

She did so good right?? And man, I am going ape crap about the squishy stamper! It is such a game changer! It actually goes into my cuticle line! That has never happened before! *faints* Thank you so so much H! You are a SUPER STAR!

I can’t leave you without a mani right? So here is a Christmas In July-esque mani I did.

I started out by laying down 2 coats of Tip Top Nail Chic Diva Glam. When this was dry I used Bundle Monster Plate BM-323 for the snowflake image and Mundo de Unas 68 Sky Blue.

Again, a HUUUUGE thank you to Heather! Tons of hugs and pokes!

Lots of mad love...



  1. GEEZ cow. Hugs and pokes? The least you can do is put out! Seriously though, I'm so happy you like everything...I was so nervous you wouldn't like it :)

  2. I so love this mani! The snowflakes are perfect over this polish!