Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Saran Wrap and Love...

Hi lovelies! Have you guys ever had those moments where you feel totally amped and you don’t know why?? I am feeling like that at the moment! I’m busy recovering from a nasty cold that I had since last week but I am feeling energetic! I think it might be because I found a map online that shows me all the Barnstorming locations in Saints Row 3. WIN! Aaaaaand now I can’t decide what is more sad...the fact that a location map for helicopter stunts on a video game gets me excited or that I’m still playing Saints Row 3 (I CAN’T AFFORD SAINTS ROW 4 AT THE MOMENT OKAY!!!! Don’t judge me! *sobs*)

What the lil dude above said mkaaay! Source

Anyhoo, you guys are here for mani’s. I’m focused, I swear!

Today’s mani has something in it that I usually do not like but man, I genuinely like how it brought everything together! I am a silver girl. Always have, always will be. But when I was finished with this mani I thought it needed something. Something to just tie everything nicely together. That’s when my GOLD studs caught my eye...My first initial reaction was “No...Nope...not going to happen!” but after much mental deliberation I caved and tried it. I am glad to say I was pleasantly surprised!

I started by laying down a base of Essence Galactic Glam. When this was dry I used the saran wrap method and Tip Top Nail Chic Cha Cha Cha to create the effect over the base color. To finish everything off, I added a generous amount of top coat and placed my golden studs down on my ring and middle finger.

I know this mani isn’t the most hardcore or artistically challenging but I love how it came out! I love the marble slab like effect of the saran wrap method and those little studs really stole my heart for a little while. Good on you gold, good on you!

Lots of mad love...



  1. *side eye* stop doing such freaking beautiful manis. You are making me look bad. Thatisall.

  2. I am a silver lover too but sometimes gold just does it. Like here :)

  3. love this mani so much fun for a new and quick look :)
    x Heath

  4. Stunning, Thea! I love everything about this mani! x

  5. LOVE this look! I really need to start doing my nails again, just dont have the time or the products :(

  6. This is stunning! I love that the two polishes you used are gorgeous yet you've turned them into something completely different. LOVE!

  7. As I always say, gold completes anything you put with it ;) hehe. Your mani has this awesome underwater effect. Likey