Thursday, February 20, 2014

Guest Post: Holo'd up acidicice!

Hi lovelies! I have a nice little change of scenery for you guys today. Heather from acidicice asked me to do a guest post for her last week for Valentines week. Of course I said yes (You can see the post HERE) but I asked her to do one for me too. She is a fellow blogger who blogs about life, love, her kiddies and of course, nail art (WIN!)! Since I know that she loves holographic polish, I asked her to do something with holos and flowers. Let’s see what she came up with...

Holos & Flowers

Hi everyone! The super talented T has been so kind as to ask me to do a mani for her as a guest post. T did a Valentine's guest post for me, which you can read HERE. My prompt was holo and flowers. I knew just what I wanted to do with that!

This mani was a lot more challenging than I anticipated. Not because of the prompt, but because I've been sick and so I've been hopped up on meds that make me shake terribly. I was trembling so badly it was difficult to get any kind of precision going. Even cleaning up was a wobbly business. But, I had a deadline and powered through it! Onto the nails, then!

I started with a base of Tip Top Miraculous Results to protect my natural nails. I then painted 4 coats of my Born Pretty Store Holographic Effect Nail Polish #1 on all of my nails. Even though it is very sheer I could probably have gotten away with 3. After that had dried I stamped the top image of my PUEEN 27 stamping plate with Essence White Stampy polish on all my nails except my ring fingers. I stamped those with Essence Magic Carpet Magnetic nail polish with the right hand full nail image from the same PUEEN plate. I top coated them all and there you have it! I hope you guys like it!

Thanks again for having me T. It has been an honour!


Aaaah, I absolutely love what Heather came up with! The colors and stamping go together beautifully and that picture with the perfume bottle is stunning! STUNNING! Thank you H, for bringing such prettiness on to my blog today! It was a huge honor!

To see more of Heather's awesome nails, you can follow her at the following place:

Lots of mad love...