Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Guest Post: Ordinary Misfit

Hi there lovelies! Today I'm not going to have a big intro or talk nonsense like I usually do because I am having my very first guest post! It is one of two posts that you will see over the next two weeks and both posts feature guests that are not only great nail polish/art bloggers but also very close to my heart because they are very dear friends to me! Like the “if you hurt them I will hunt you into your grave” type of friends!

My first guest is Michelle from Ordinary Misfit and I am immensely honored to have her take over my little space here in crazy land today. I can not tell you how excited I am to show you this mani because, well, just look for yourself:

Inspired by Alice

I am absolutely honoured to guest post here today. Talk about pressure though!

After a recent conversation with Thea about Alice in Wonderland (I will leave that story for her to tell :P) I knew that I had to do Alice in Wonderland inspired nails for this post.

This is so out of my comfort zone it’s ridiculous! I don’t do free hand anything. I can barely draw on paper, not to mention my nails. I loved the idea though and I think it is really cute (also a huge thanks to acidicice for bouncing ideas around and all the help with this design). I might not get good marks on execution but you can’t deny the idea is super cute right?

Right, I used a bazillion polishes so I will go through each nail. I started with my pinky. This nail represents Alice herself. She is the first character we meet and, of course, the main character. I started with two coats of Tip Top – Beach Babe that represents her dress. I then did a white French tip with Sinful Colors – Snow me white. This represents her apron. I then lined the white tip with my black striper and stamped a black bow from Pueen12. This represents her headband and ribbon.

Alice then meets the white rabbit. I used Sinful Colors – Ruby Ruby to represent the white rabbits red jacket. I then used my white striper to make his ears. I also used Sinful Colors – Snow me White to make the half circle representing the white rabbits pocket watch. I then used Revlon – Gold Rush for the border of the watch and my black striper for the dots and the hand of the watch.

Next is Cheshire Cat. (PINK!!) I used Tip Top – Sherbet Angel and once that was dry I used striping tape and Tip Top – Grape to Meet You to make the stripes. I then used my black and white stripers to make his big old cheesy grin. Next up was Tip Top – Sun Kissed (over white) to make his goofy eyes. His nose and eyebrows were also done with the black striper.

Time for Mad Hatter! This was the hardest one for me to do. I started with a base of Sinful Colors – Snow me White. I then freehanded the hat with Tip Top – We have an Agreen-mint. Yes, I freehanded! Eeek! I used Catrice – I’m not a Greenager to make the darker band on the hat. I then tried to make the white card with “10/6” using my stripers, my dotting tool, another dotting tool. You name it. (yes that is also how many time I redid it) In the end I decided to just leave it be and hope that the intention of it is enough. :P

Lastly, on my thumbs we have Queen of Hearts. Another one I tried quite a few different ways. In the end I went with a base of Sinful Colors – Black on Black. I then used one red rhinestone heart and one clear rhinestone heart down the center of my nail.

In the end we have a journey with Alice through her Wonderland!

Thanks so much for having me Thea and I hope you liked this design! It’s such an honour to be featured on your blog!


See what I mean?? Huh?? Amazeballs! Like Michelle said, we had a conversation once where I said I have a very soft spot for Alice from Alice in Wonderland. All the Disney heroines gets a castle or a prince or something amazing in the end of their journeys but all Alice got was an acid fueled mind trip that turned out to just be a dream?? Poor girl! So needless to say, I LOVE this post!

To see more of Michelle's great work, hop on over to her blog! You wont be disappointed! And while your at it, you can also follow her at the following places:

Lots of mad love...


  1. Eeek!!! Thanks so much for having me T!!!!
    It is such an honour to be featured here!! xx

    1. It was only a pleasure M! I feel honoured to have you on! Yay me! :D
      Loved it though! Everything about it was AWeSOME! Thank you Michelle!

  2. I had such an awesome time discussing this mani with Michelle and I think it turned out freaking amazing!! She gets top marks for execution in my opinion!

    1. She does get top marks! It came out spectacular! Thank you for your help in this Heather!

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  4. I think M did a bloody fabulous job!