Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Guest Post: For The Love Of Nail Art

Hi there lovelies! I hope everyone is having a good week so far! I definitely am because it is warmer in the mornings, the sun is already coming up earlier and my eyes are very itchy! Yes, spring is truly around the corner! Yay!

As you might remember, I said last week Wednesday that I would have another guest blogger on my blog today. Today I give you the lovely Siobhan from For The Love Of Nail Art, or also known as Lady V! She is a close personal friend of mine, just like Michelle, and having her on my blog just gives me all sorts of warm fuzzies! Her guest mani is also amazeballs! But I'm going to rather let you see for yourself...

Nothing short of Innocent

I’m V for those of you who don’t know. The one of three part crime fighting superheroes that’s M, T and… me… duh!

Thea is like a major cartoon fan and I remember when I crocheted the Invader Zim beanie for a client, how she loved it, so I wondered if I could translate that into nail art. I don’t know why I decided on this because I initially wanted to do a teal mani and make little spectacles for Thea because she’s like a sexy geek, but then I was feeling adventurous so was like let me try this!
Innocent is the worst colour to work with but it seemed to want to look nice for Thea so I’m grateful for that! And I didn’t even need to wear undies!!!

Colours used:
Sinful Colors – Innocent and Snow me White
Essence – Black is Black
Thin bristle nail art brush and a dotting tool.

On my ring finger you’ll see GIR, Mr Invader Zim's robot companion.
On my index finger is I think a Nightmare before Christmas by Tim Burton mannetjie.
Throughout the rest of my fingers is my very first border attempt using the black and nail art brush.

I love that Thea has this dark, unusual side to her. She’s crazy in a cool way.

I hope that you like this Thea because I liked my little concoction and how I got to be out of the box for your mani.


I don’t know about you but I have to keep my happy squeals in at the moment! How freaking awesome is that?? I adore everything about it! And she called me a sexy geek! *brownie points for Siobhan!* Oh my word, I love this so much!

To see more of Siobhan's great work, go check out her awesome blog! And give her a follow while you're at it!

Lots of mad love...


  1. I love love love love this!!!! Love!!!
    V knocked it outta the park!

    1. V knocked it out of the park and then some! It is awesome!

  2. Aahhh it looks so cool!

    1. It does hey! My lady V did a great job! :D

  3. LOL T! Mustnt I say you're a sexy geek? I cannot lie hey!!!
    Thank you for featuring me T and allowing me to spam you for a day! Really appreciate it! And ja :D I'm just glad YOU liked it!

    1. Hahahahaha Well it made my day! Thank you V! And thank you for guest posting for me! I loved loved LOVED having you here! The mani was amazeballs!