Friday, August 9, 2013

Bright Freehand Nail Art

Hi there loves! It's Friday! Yay! Also, it's a public holiday in South Africa today so frankly, I'm in a stupendous mood!

Before I get to today's post though I just want to wish all the ladies a happy Women's Day. To all the mothers, the sisters, the girl friends, the best friends. All of us have that exceptional woman in our lives who make it worthwhile, even if it's just being able to make the perfect cup of coffee. I hope I can strive to become that woman one day that someone will look at and say “She really is an exceptional women!”.

Now to the fun stuff!

A few weeks ago I found this great pin on Pinterest and the first thing that popped into my head was TRON! I knew I had to try and recreate it but just instead make a black base and use the Tron colors...That didn't happen though. Halfway into the mani I threw Tron out the window and decided to add 2 more bright colors to the mix.

Nail Polishes used:
  • WOW Nail Polish #393
  • Tip Top Nail Chic We Have An Agreen Mint 
  • Tip Top Nail Chic Grape To Meet You 
  • Tip Top Nail Chic Solar Flare
  • Tip Top Nail Chic Jazz Berryblue

Tools Used:
  • Small thin nail art brush

    From Left to Right: TT Jazz Berryblue, TT Solar Flare, TT We Have An Agreen Mint, TT Grape To Meet You 

I started out by laying down 2 coats of WOW Nail Polish #393. Then with the thin nail art brush I went in and freehanded the pointed shapes with the different colors of polish, filling in the spaces with the same color toward the insides. At the parts where I made my lines a little too thick I just went in and corrected those parts with the nail art brush and the black polish again.

All the Tip Top polishes I used worked great in this mani! They are very well pigmented so I didn't need to build them up too much. Some of the lines I even got away with 1 layer.

I got a lot of compliments on this mani. I even got scowled by my co-worker because I wanted to change my nail art two days later. I guess that counts as a success right!

If you would like me to swatch any of the colours you saw in today’s post, please let me know via email or drop me a comment below. More than willing to oblige!

Lots of mad love


  1. I can't even tell you how much I love this!!! You have MAD skills lady pants. MAD!!!

    I love this so much I want it.

    1. Aaaah, thank you M! It means the world to me! :D

      Then do it M! Do it! Easier than you think, I promise!