Thursday, August 21, 2014

Twinsie...Thursday? Kind of!

Good morning lovelies! It is almost spring and I am psyyyyyyyyyched! It is getting warmer (all though the weather fore cast says we are in for 1 more cold spell! Grrrrrrrr!), new, fresh smells are popping out all over the place and I am just generally happy! Also, yesterday was EXACTLY 7 months till my wedding day you guys! Too much excitement! We have a crap load to do but it’s going to be worth it! EXCITED!!!! ...can you guys tell I’m in a really good mood??

Now on to the nails! NAILS! *cues mad guitar riff* NAAAAAILS! Twinsie nails to be precise. I am lucky enough today to have a kind of twinsie post with the crazy talented Ordinary Misfit. Last week she showed me a mani she wanted to do and I told her I did the exact same one a little while ago so we decided, let’s be Twinsies! Whoooo! Our mani’s are inspired by THIS post by The Nail Polish Project so a HUGE SHOUT OUT to her!

I started out by laying down 2 coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White on all my nails. When this was completely dry, I placed striping tape on all my nails to make triangular type of shapes and filled in the spaces using China Glaze Grape Pop, China Glaze Recycle and China Glaze Flyin’ High, pulling off the striping tape immediately after all the areas were filled. When this was completely dry, I stamped on two of the filled-in spaces per nail using Bundle Monster plates BM-201, BM-319 and BM-422. I did this by taping off the sections I didn’t want to fill and stamped like I normally would.

I really liked how this came out! It made me a little sad that my camera decided to stuff up China Glaze Flyin’ High and made it look more blue than it actually is, and it isn’t nearly as killer as the original mani by The Nail Polish Project was but I like it none the less! Now...get your butts over to Ordinary Misfit to see her awesome attempt and give her some love while you’re at it. She deserves every bit!

Lots of mad love...


  1. Twinsies!!!!! I LOVE yours!!!! Thanks bok!

  2. Love it! I love the colours you chose and the mix of stamping looks too cool :)

  3. I love this idea! Might want to give it a try too! Great job! I love everything about this mani!