Friday, October 18, 2013

Vintage Roses Out Of The Vault!

Hi there lovelies! I hope everybody is doing great! It's Friday, which for some weird reason puts most people in a strangely good mood! Wonder what it might be...oh yeah, IT'S THE WEEKEND BABY! Like always I am going to probably do my nails, eat a crap load of junk food, rot in front of my Xbox and probably catch a swim. Living on the edge people! Hardcore to the max!
So I know I am behind in the MTV Challenge but I really felt like posting today and since I'm still busy with my galaxy rainbow post, I decided to go dig in my photos to see what other pretties I can spam you guys with. I actually can't believe I haven't posted these yet because I did them for the Tip Top South Africa Nail Concept around the end of September. Weird...but anyhoo, I give you Vintage Flowers!

Nail Polishes used:
  • Tip Top Nail Chic Black Forest
  • Tip Top Nail Chic We Have An Agreen Mint
  • Tip Top Nail Chic Ripped Me Red
  • Tip Top Nail Chic Red Rendezvous
  • Tip Top French Manicure White

Tools Used:

  • Small thin nail art brush
  • Striping Tape
  • Dotting Tool

I started by laying down 2 thick coats of Tip Top French Manicure White. When this was dry, I placed some striping tape down very carefully using a tweezer and then painted a thick coat of Tip Top Nail Chic Black Forest over the tape, pulling the tape off immediately after I painted the coat on.

For the roses I added random blotches using the dotting tool and Tip Top Nail Chic Ripped Me Red. I then went in with Tip Top Nail Chic Red Rendezvous and my trusty nail art brush (which is actually just a fancy way to describe a really cheap liquid eyeliner brush) and made the random “C” shapes to give the flowers some detail. To finish the look off, I added a few leaves using Tip Top Nail Chic We Have An Agreen Mint and the once again, my thin nail art brush. 

Is it vain to love something you did yourself because I adore how this came out and am quite proud of myself. I love the flowers over the black and white background. Can I do the same art twice because I really want to wear these again!...Now who has something fancy going on so I can wear these and flash my fingers around all nonchalantly! Classy!

If you would like me to swatch any of the colours you saw in today’s post, please let me know via email or drop me a comment below. More than willing to oblige!

Lots of mad love...


  1. You should love these because they are absolutely perfectly amazing!!! Yowzer T I love this so much!!!!
    You don't need an excuse to rock these nails again!

    1. Aaah, thank you M! I now have someones permission so I will be rocking this mani again in the near future...LIKE A BOSS! :P

  2. As usual, this is stunning. I love them. Simply love them.

    1. Thank you sweety! Love that you love them! :D

  3. Damn you for being so good at flower art *bows to flower queen*

    1. Pshhh, says the chick who does the most ridiculously awesome daisies, carnations and one stroke flowers! So you just shhhh, mkay?? :D