Wednesday, June 10, 2015

#PPSAnailchallenge - Sugar Spun aka "Neon in the nuuuude!"

Hi there lovelies! Heck, it is Wednesday and I am posting my third post for the #PPSAnailchallenge so basically I am posting my first post for Week 2. Last week I posted both mani’s on the Sunday...I don’t know about you guys but in Thea’s book that is improvement! HELLA improvement! Can I pleeeeease get a whoop whoop??

Sugar Spun

You guys! I was actually excited about this prompt! It’s not a type of art I do a lot because let’s be honest, it’s pretty damn tedious. But I love the effect! And it’s actually relaxing. Also, whoever came up with technique...frak dude, respect! Talk about thinking out of the box...or bottle in this case. Anyhoo, so I also love nude polishes and neons together but I don’t think I’ve ever done a combo like that. So I thought, why not now?? So let’s get neony naked!


I started out by laying down 2 coats of Essence Color & Go Dare It Nude. When this was dry I made my strings using Tip Top Nail Chic Walking On Sunshine on all my fingers except for my ring finger. On my ring finger I simply added a stud that I colored in using Tip Top Nail Chic Walking On Sunshine.

You guys! Seriously?? Why the frak is it so hard to capture neons accurately?? It looked so epic in real life! I want to nude and neon everything now but dammit, I apparently lack decent camera skills. I shall conquer it though! LIKE A BOSS!

Lots of mad love...


  1. Whoop whoop! And Thea! That looks awesomes!!!!

  2. You definitely did this manicure LIKE A BOSS!
    It looks great :)