Friday, January 30, 2015

Nail Anarchy: Summer Skittle

Hi loves! *waves* Urmegerd! I am running another post today! *gaaaaasps* IT IS THE END! It is the end of all humanity as we know it! Whyyyyyyyyyy Thea, whyyyyyyyy??...okay no, not really! It’s the Nail Anarchy Challenge day today and I am actually taking part! Who would’ve thunk?? 


I’m actually not too sure how this challenge came to fruition but all I know is a bunch of my nail art loving friends wanted a challenge and then suddenly it was like Oprah stepped into the building because next thing I know is “YOU GET A MONTH’S THEME, YOU GET A MONTH’S THEME, ER’BODY GETS A MONTH’S THEME!”. There might’ve been some tears, there might’ve been some gross jumping and hugging and there might’ve been some weird “OMG” silent mouthing...I don’t know! All I know is I didn’t take part the first few months and decided it’s high time I get my butt back into gear and this was the perfect way to do it! January was Mama Zombie Mumble’s theme month and she chose Summer mine is a skittle but it looks more like easter. Not on purpose though mkay?? I had the mother of a nail breaks on my smexy hand so no way could I do my cute chibi ice cream nails like I wanted to so I decided to use my Cinderella hand for this challenge. So dots and zig zags (or chevrons) is what I went for! Also, please excuse my weird hand look and noob-esque photos! I am not a lefty at all!

I started by laying down bases of the following colours on my nails: Index finger – Essence Love Is In The Air, Middle finger – OPI Do You Lilac It?, Ring finger – Tip Top Nail Chic Beach Babe, Pinky – Tip Top Nail Chic Melting Marsmallow. With a dotting tool I then made the dots on my ring and index finger using L.A. Girl Glissand and L.A. Girl Green Sand. Lastly, I layed down some zig zag nail vinyls on my pinky and middle finger and added Essence L.O.L. over my pinky and OPI If You Moust You Moust. 

Ok, so this feels insanely “Meh” to me. I really wish I could’ve done this mani on my left hand because I could’ve done so much more but for now I’m working with what I got. My ring finger LOVE though! The colours just pop against each other! Love it!

Please go have a look at all the other lovelies taking part

Lots of mad love...


  1. It was sooo definitely an OPRAH MOMENT!

    I love the summery colours and because my google asked me to "meld aan".. you WIN! #loveit

  2. OBSESSED. Love this so much!! it's beautiful. Not a lefty my bum.

  3. Very cute T!
    I love it!
    Thanks for the Easter ideas! I freaking suck at Easter manis!


    Oprah moment indeed!

    love the colours T! and YAY, cam i just say that i am SUPER happy to see all the dotting going down in my challenge month!

  5. I love the colours on your pinky! They just work so good and I'm in love with that finger