Friday, July 4, 2014

Stripy blues...

Hi lovelies! Heck, this past week and a half has been AWESOME and scaaaaary at the same time! Firstly, me and Dean got Foo Fighters tickets! WHAT?? YES! I am so damn EXCITED! They are one of my all time favorite bands and I am in the clouds! But even better than that, after being engaged to Dean for over 3 years, we have finally decided on a wedding date and a venue! And we booked it! BOOKED IT PEOPLE! It is finally happening! Happy spazzes!...and stress. Lots and lots of stress.  The date is only next year March but I am so nervous! Especially since we are going to try and make most things ourselves.  I am my own worst critic guys! AAAAAAAGH! Yeah, fun times...but I am marrying my best friend and that is awesome! Worth every single tear, drop of sweat and swear word.

I miss having a kitty...Source

Today I have a SUPER simple tape mani for you guys. It really doesn’t need any explanation so just enjoy the pictures. What I used in this mani was Avon Forget Me Not Blue, WOW Nail Polish #393 and striping tape.

Isn’t Avon Forget Me Not Blue absolutely squeal worthy?? It is probably one of my favourite blue polishes at the moment! For some reason it reminds me of Star Wars and R2D2...Hmmm...ideas!

Lots of mad love...



  1. I want to see an R2D2 inspired mani! Love this by the way, looks Star War-ish anyway!

  2. The minute I saw the first photo I thought Star Wars. I'm with V, I also want to see an R2D2 inspired look. This is just STUNNING!